A few words about myself…

Early days

  • It all started in the early 90s. Back then I was taking my very first IT steps using Amiga 500. I clearly recall that particular day when instead of exploring floppy discs with games, I decided to open a Text Editor and play a bit with some hardware.
  • The seminal moment came when I sent a file to a printer - in a second I realised that a computer is doing not more and not less, but exactly what I ordered it to do. Since that moment I knew precisely what I want to do in the future and creating software was the thing.

More than 12 years of professional experience

  • I graduated in 2009 at School of Computer Science & Management "Copernicus" in Wrocław. My thesis was about Content Management Systems. Back then I was already a freelance developer - internet was the field where I wanted to code the things for. As a freshly minted engineer I started my professional career in a local interactive agency.
  • In the meantime I pushed forward and after two more years I obtained my masters at Opole University of Technology. In 2010 I moved to Warsaw and continued to explore the field of custom web applications build on premise. This naturally evolved to implement software in a SaaS delivery model with multi-tenancy coming along.
The Journey…

…to Down Under

  • My satisfying and consistent career received a nice boost when an opportunity about moving to Australia popped up in 2013. I got a chance to exchange my IT knowledge with a multitude of creative people from various companies in Brisbane. Being piped through several IT organisations, I managed to work as a Lead Software Architect, Tech Lead and Team Mentor, responsible for coaching other developers.
  • My approach in life is to always keep opportunities open, hence during my stay in this amazing country I have applied for the citizenship and become Aussie. Having a dual citizenship allows me to always look at Australia as my second home where I can go without any hassle. Speaking of my homeland - at the end of 2019 I decided to come back to Poland.

Present times

  • Between December 2019 and March 2020 I was travelling - I visited New Zealand, Singapore, quite big chunk of South-East Asia, Taiwan and Japan. Most of these destinations have been depicted under the Photography section of this website. Currently I'm based in Warsaw where I carry on crafting great software with fantastic people from Owls Department.
  • Thanks for visiting,