The Beginnings

  • It all started in 1992. Back then I was taking my very first IT steps using Amiga 500. I clearly recall that particular day when instead of exploring floppy discs with games, I decided to open a Text Editor and play a bit with some more sophisticated things.
  • The seminal moment came when I sent a file to a printer - in a second I realised that a computer is doing not more and not less, but exactly what I ordered it to do. At that moment I knew precisely what I want to do in the future and creating software was the thing. I am permanently on-line since 1998.

More than 13 years of professional experience

  • During that time I was already a freelance developer - internet was the field where I wanted to code the things for. As a freshly minted engineer I started my professional career in a local interactive agency.
  • In 2010 I moved to Warsaw and continued to explore the field of custom Web Applications build on premise. This naturally evolved to implement software in a SaaS delivery model with multi-tenancy coming along.

The Breaking Point

  • My satisfying and consistent career received a nice boost when an opportunity about moving to Australia popped up in 2013. I got a chance to exchange my IT knowledge with a multitude of creative people from various companies in Brisbane.
  • My approach in life is to always keep opportunities open, hence during my stay in this amazing country I have applied for the citizenship and become Aussie.
  • I managed to work as a Lead Software Architect, Tech Lead and Team Mentor, responsible for coaching & mentoring cross-functional teams (backend, frontend, QA & DevOps) of specialists.
  • Having a dual citizenship allows me to always look at Australia as my second home where I can go without any hassle. At the end of 2019 I decided to come back to Poland.
Carrying on

Present times

  • Between December 2019 and March 2020 I was travelling mainly around South-East Asia. I visited New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. Most of these places have been depicted under the Photography section of this website. Currently I'm based in Warsaw where I carry on crafting software as a fully remote consultant.
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